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Welcome to Roustan Capital

Starting with his interest in bringing an NHL franchise to San Jose, California back in 1989, W. Graeme Roustan has been very active in the global sports industry. His passion for hockey and desire to be a part of the growth of the game has been the primary focus of his professional pursuits. Through Roustan Capital activities, many millions of dollars have been invested into the hockey industry during the past quarter century. Some of those pursuits are contained within this website, inspiring others to make their own investments as well.

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NACD Board Leadership Fellow

W. Graeme Roustan believes strongly in proper corporate governance, taking a long-term approach to his pursuits and giving back to the community at every opportunity he can. Read More

Institute of Corporate Directors - ICD.D

NACD Board Leadership Fellow

Institute of Corporate Directors - DEP

“Life is Long”

Andrew Whittaker

Please Support

Roustan Capital is pleased to have provided support to the following organizations

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"The Canadian Women's Hockey League is the premier, professionally run women's hockey league in the world."

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"The Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation is determined to provide a better and healthier future for children in need."

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"The Ottawa Senators Foundation empowers children and youth to reach their full potential by investing in social recreation and education programs that promote both physical and mental wellness."

Women Entrepreneurs

Roustan Capital is please to support and encourages the support of Women Entrepreneurs

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Erika Vanderveer

"Erika’s wide range of talents and services in the graphic and web design field will take your business or creative goals to the next level. With over 10 years of experience in the corporate world, she is well versed in today's trends and consumer demands."

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Michelle Valberg

"Michelle is a renowned explorer, adventurer and wildlife photographer who has been telling stories with her camera for more than 30 years. A Canadian Nikon Ambassador, Michelle has exhibited her works internationally."

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Danielle Fernandes

"Danielle is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, speaker, and writer and has worked with endless clients from large scale corporations such as ADP and Blackberry to smaller scale non-profits such as the Toronto Vegetarian Association."