Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL)

Canadian Women's Hockey League

W. Graeme Roustan was on the ice playing at the Air Canada Center for the Festival Cup in September 2008 when the opposing goalie, Sami Jo Small, first spoke to Mr. Roustan about having Bauer become a sponsor of a new women’s hockey league she co-founded.

Mr. Roustan, as Chairman of Bauer, immediately envisioned a relationship between Bauer and the CWHL, and was thrilled to champion the opportunity of sponsoring these fine women athletes. Roustan Capital has provided sponsorship funds to the league over the years, and Mr. Roustan currently serves as a Governor of the Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL).

The Board of Directors, other Governors, staff, players, coaches, and especially the Commissioner Brenda Andress are the finest people anyone can ever meet. Their dedication to the growth and integrity of the game is what makes the CWHL unique. One must attend a game, a meeting or an event to truly see the finest women athletes (and their surrounding support group of individuals) that Canada has to offer.

The privilege has been Mr. Roustan’s to have been involved from just after the first season of the league's existence, and he looks forward to many more years of support going forward.

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